Do you operate as an official, registered company?

Naturally! We are a fully legal, licensed, Polish company operating in the transport market for several years.

What is the valuation process like?

We treat each inquiry individually - we do not have a rigid price list. Send an email inquiry or call us to get a quote on the same business day!

What is the transportation delivery time?

Delivery time depends on many factors - especially the type of goods, the type of transport and the distance between the consignee and the sender.

Is it possible to write a formal contract before the service is provided?

Naturally! We believe in mutual trust as much as we believe in transparency. That's why we've prepared fine-print free documentations for all inquiries.

Do you offer transportation of valuables?

We provide this kind of service. We carry $300,000 carrier insurance.

Where is your headquarters located?

We are stationed in Bogucin, near Poznań (western part of Poland), at Wiśniowa 6 Street.