Transport Europa Logistics is a reliable provider of transportation, shipping and logistics services.

From the very beginning of its existence, our company has focused its efforts on maximum efficiency of its services, enabling our customers to transport their goods efficiently throughout Europe, while maintaining safety and ecological standards.

Land transport up to 24 tons

We have our own fleet of vehicles - including trucks, car carriers and minibuses - with the possibility of loading up to 24 tons.

No initial fee

We do not charge prepayment for standard service. Before
order there is a possibility to draw up a transport contract.

On-time deliveries

The vast majority of shipments conducted or arranged by us arrive at the recipient on time.

We offer fast pick-up and delivery times for orders
We use a 24/7 monitoring system
We have carrier and freight forwarder insurance
The average age of our vehicles is 2 years


By continuously improving our competence and developing our transport fleet, we aim to become a leading service provider of supporting modern supply chains.


Our aim is to support our customers in their daily transport activities and to discover the inner potential in logistics customer service.


We are a company that does not stop in one place. We constantly monitor the changing conditions on the market of transport, forwarding and logistics services, offering you the best.

Responsible and sustainable development.

At Transport Europa Logistics, we believe that the future starts today, so we pay special attention to the impact of our business on the environment in which we live.

We allocate our resources and organize transport times in a way that minimizes empty mileage and fuel burn. In addition, we are constantly upgrading our own fleet of vehicles to ensure they meet the latest and most demanding emissions standards.

We want to leave this world a better place than we found it, which is why we have transport sustainability firmly embedded in our DNA.

A trusted and reliable employer.

We believe in treating all our employees equally, fairly - whether we're talking about a fleet driver or a department manager.

Only through honest and transparent communication can we achieve real, tangible success and grow.

With the classic principle that the success of the whole depends on the success of the parts, we want to create a work environment that you enjoy coming back to.

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